Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Positive Tools For a World in Health Chaos

It is true that we are experiencing an unprecedented world event. It is true that this health crisis is serious and it is also true that it offers us as humans an opportunity to change the way we live. We have stepped into this new decade under a spotlight which is revealing to us that it is time for a big shift in our thinking and behaviour towards ourselves, others and our environment. We at Be Woke want to help you and support you through this challenging time. As Co-hosts, Julie and Ildiko; we bring you the best information, advice and insights into how we can use our awakening consciousness to get through this health crisis and to create a better and healthier world now and for the future. With that in mind, we have created a Quick Guide to Our Positive Tools For a World in Health Chaos providing you with the top takeaways from Episodes 6 and 7 of our Be Woke podcast.












How To Boost Your Immunity


What You Need to Know About The Fight/Flight Response and Your Immunity 


When there is panic and fear as there is now, our fight/flight response kicks in. It is our natural way of dealing with danger. 3 powerful stress hormones are released into your bloodstream, these are:
They affect you dramatically, so that you can deal with any danger immediately. Adrenaline gives your muscles the boost you need to escape, Cortisol prepares you for action and physical damage limitation and Aldosterone helps you make best use of the minerals in your body. 

In the short term, this is a very effective mechanism for your body to protect itself, but if it gets used too often, it will start taking a toll on you. As you are being bombarded with negative and terrifying news updates all the time right now, you are vulnerable to overuse of your fight/flight response. The most damaging stress is unresolved stress, as we have right now. There is no definite outcome, no tried and tested health strategies, our governments are as in the dark as we are about the best way to get through the Coronavirus pandemic. But one thing is for sure, long term unresolved fear and stress, lowers your immunity. We want to help you guard against that happening. You want to avoid symptoms like slower healing rates, chronic inflammation, insomnia, digestive problems. Here are the Be Woke podcast positive tools to help you to do that:

3 Part Breath for Calm



Your breath, body and mind are linked and so a breathing technique can help you feel calm by switching your body from the fight/flight state into the state of relaxation. The 3 Part Breath comes from the Yogic tradition and is simple to do at home for yourself. 

Find a comfortable place to sit, where you can relax while sitting upright enough to free your chest to breathe well. 

Allow your stomach to relax naturally, without pulling it in. 

Take a couple of natural breaths to centre yourself. If you are feeling stressed and can only take shallow breaths, accept this and don't force yourself to deepen your breaths. 

On the next breath you take, put your hands on your stomach and focus on feeling the breath filling it...

Continue breathing in and put your hands on either side of your ribs, focus on feeling the breath filling your lungs and your ribs expanding out sideways and back and front...

Continue breathing in and put your hands either side of your collarbone, focus on feeling the breath filling the top of your chest. 

Feel the natural pause between breathing in and where you feel you need to breath out, put your hands on your stomach and let it happen. Focus on breathing out from your stomach first, pulling your stomach in towards your spine...

Continue breathing out, place your hands either side of your ribs and focus on feeling them them contracting...

Continue breathing out, pace your hands either side of your collarbone and focus on feeling the last of the breath leaving your body. 

Feel the natural pause between breathing out and where you feel you need to breath in again. repeat the whole technique from the beginning, until you feel a sense of peace and calm and your body feels relaxed. 

How You Use The News

Limit the amount of news stories you read on a daily basis. Information that you can do nothing about physically, can make you anxious and scared. Only read the facts that you need to know for your own safety and wellbeing, or for giving you information about what you can do locally or online. 

Empowering Mental Power Commands To Boost Your Own  Defences

These come from Ildiko's Re-Minding Tools. These are Mental Power Commands to start rerouting the pathways of your thinking and believing, by speaking directly to your mind. 

Mind I give you persission to accept positive outcomes

Mind I give you permission to choose joy over fear

Mind I give you permission to stay healthy


Set the intention to connect directly with your mind and tell it these Mental Power Commands once a day or whenever you are feeling low or you have brain fog.

How To Deal With a Loved One Who is Living in Fear

If you are living and isolating with a loved one who is in a state of fear and anxiety, treat them with compassion and understanding. Be the example for them of how it is possible to choose a different way of dealing with the current health crisis. Suggest to do the 3 Part Breath technique with them. Synchronizing your breathing has a powerful effect, as your state of mind and body will harmonise. Lead them towards facts rather than speculation. Our minds panic when we focus on the unknown. Suggest that they listen to our Be Woke podcast episodes to get more understanding and control over how they feel.

We are here for you

Stay safe and in high vibration

Julie and Ildiko

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